Radio Dissonance

I am sad to say it’s been a while since I checked out Dissonance. But with the news of Frodus doing SXSW hitting Vegan Brooklyn, which led me to an interview with Shelby Cinca with Frodus, I went and checked it out again. The interview is fantastic (though unfortunately it seems cut short). Dude says a lot of great things about music, touring, internet culture and shares other fantastic insights about music today. I highly highly highly recommend checking this out. It’s been a while since I’ve run into Shelby which is always a treat. He’s such an enthusiastic person and interesting artist. But he also loves to hear about what other people doing. So check out what he has to say. You will enjoy it and absorb some new ideas.

Also in rotation for me today was Amanda Mackaye who talked about Fort Reno last year. Also I checked out about half of the great Alec Bourgeois before my work day ended. That shit was amazing. If you have ever wanted any insight into the inner workings of Dischord records you should definitely check it out. I can’t wait to hear the rest of it. Probably one of the best interviews about DC punk history and the growth of Dischord I have ever read.

Dissonance doesn’t update as regularly as it used to about once or twice a month on average. Danger Mike just gets better and better as a host and the program continues to be a vital piece of the DC music scene. So take some time and check out the love.

Peace Out Kids. FCI transmission.

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