Polar Opposite Bear – The CreE.P.

Polar Opposite Bear
The CreE.P.
Exotic Fever

The CreE.P., Wherein you will find music of a particularly aggressive volume. Wherein you will wonder if Steve Albini recorded this music. Wherein you will hear track four, “Your Family’s Next,” which will lick at your throat seductively for a few seconds before ripping out your vocals chords with it’s teeth. Wherein you will learn that the former Synthesizer player moved to China. Wherein you will hear a great recording of the bass guitar but try hard to find the kick drum. Wherein the Exotic Fever stamp has been modified to include the Vacanti Mouse which is both odd, unfortunate and unfortunately, oddly cute. Wherein you will learn that Polar Opposite Bear are from Wichita, Kansas and had their gear stolen. Wherein you will see great cover art work that looks like a comic book and the music is fitting for such a world. Wherein you will think this band has a bright future both musically and artistically. Wherein you will be reminded of parts of Shellac, Joy Division and The Faint as well as a fair blend of good old post punk music similar to Hoover, Sleepy Time Trio and the like. Wherein you will be glad that you can get this from Exotic Fever Records who are mixing it up a bit in these challenging, interesting times for music distribution that is beginning to unravel in a wild wild west type of frontier. Wherein the awesome sounds of keyboards and synthesizers are mixed with anthem style riffage on the song “Grow a Tooth”. Wherein you will wonder what Al Burian is up to these days. Wherein you will be glad that music is awesome, filled with people who want to create something intense, different and forward moving. Polar Opposite Bear, The CreE.P., find it now in your ears. Listen, enjoy, relax and be swept away to a new world inside your mind.

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