Music Addiction Blog Number 1, 2009 – What the Fuck

Okay, I have a problem. As of Friday I have purchased or obtained NINE albums of music. This is kind of fucked up, and though this is not atypical for me, the absurdity of it hit me today as I drove home from the used record store. I have more music to consume now then I really have time for. It’s not a wonder my house and life are a mess. Who has time for this when there is so much music to listen to?

Lets not forget I had hoped to have a review/analysis of Lily Allen and her new album It’s Not Me, It’s You and the whole revelation that she was inspired by Joe Strummer after hanging out with him at Glastonbury and in life, that her cover of “Straight to Hell” is amazing and that her song “The Fear” is fucking with my head. But as it is, I never listened to that record while I was in Pittsburgh, instead opting to listen to “Life the Universe and Everything” as read to me by Martin Freeman and tried not to fall off of a mountain while driving home. Music? What the fuck.

So it started on Friday at work. A co-worker of mine, he’s kind of a Morrissey fan. I mean that in the way that you can’t kind of be a Morrissey fan because you either love him or you hate him. I fit into the category of, I want to like him, but for some reason the music doesn’t hit me. His new album Years of Refusal lacks balls. At least the first six songs. Maybe it’s my car stereo eating shit, this could very well be. But I felt like if Kurt Ballou had recorded this album it would be unstoppable. The absence of real boom in your face might be why I can’t get into Moz. It’s almost laziness in approach. Who the hell knows what he thinks when he makes records. The cover alone is enough to perplex me to no end.

So last night I was supposed to go to bed but I remembered that Quote Unquote Records had just released O Pioneers!!! Neon Creeps and Bomb the Music Industries Scrambles as pay what you will digital downloads. I didn’t donate. Again. I suck. In fact I still fully intend to order Scrambles from Asian Man Records. Even though I find the album inferior to Get Warmer which was a fantastic album. Scrambles however is still a fine effort and considering it was recorded for $50.00 utilizing freeware versions of recording software and was essentially made in apartments and practice spaces is a testament to the future of music. Jeff Rosenstock is a genius and really I should whip out my wallet post haste and get this guy some cash. Unfortunately Quote Unquote is the kind of label that just feeds my addiction. Like how can I not download an album on there. Most of the music they “release” I don’t really dig, but O Pioneers!!! is a band I’ve been into a bit. Their Black Mambas album from a few years ago was mildly fun and the promise of bass and a few more years of main staple Chris Ryan writing songs intrigued me. This album is also on the Asian Man Records, but I had to take pause on this one. Neon Creeps is decent, a step up on Black Mambas and I like the added bass. The song writing is tighter too. But still, I am missing something. Not sure what it is. Maybe, if time permits I will have to give it more time to ruminate, permeate and marinate.

So after listening to these albums last night I went to bed. I had tried in vain while listening to them to rejoin eMusic. I had been a member for a very very short time. I found (and still) find their website terrible, their music selection broken and the whole experience left me dry. This time they promised me 75 free songs for 11.99. So that was 105 songs for a mere 11.99. Not a bad deal, if I hate it, I can bail. So I finally managed to work it out this morning and started on my quest.

After fumbling and bumbling I downloaded Franz Nicolay‘s Major General album. I love Love LOVE World/Inferno Friendship Society whom Nicolay cut his teeth in. He’s also a member of The Hold Steady whose Stay Positive got a lot of spins last year. His solo offering is AMAZING. It really reminds me of World/Inferno and I see how much influence he had on that band and am fretting what the next album without him will sound like. I also see why The Hold Steady wanted him, and I suggest they utilize more of him. The praise this album has been getting is well worth it and I highly recommend it after just one listen. I can’t wait to listen to it more. Check my stats and follow my progress.

So speaking of World/Inferno I also got Just the Best Party which has “All the World’s a Stage (Dive)” which rocked the hell out of my face the last time they played. I may even download another one of their albums for fun. I also got Miss TK and the Revenge’s Gern Balderstand debut XOXO. This band features Ari Katz on drums and his wife Tannis Kristanjson. Also they were featured on the soundtrack to the film I’m Reed Fish which I have, unfortunately seen. I have 68 songs left and I am trying to at least save ten of them until 3-10-09 when Cursive’s new album comes out.

So after battling with the internet this morning and losing I decided I would go to the used CD store. They have a Ticketmaster there and I was charged with buying tickets for the Glasvegas/Ida Maria show happening next month at the Black Cat. Well, Ticketmaster is master of nothing as they would not take my credit cards that worked just fine in purchasing CD’s. SO FUCK YOU TICKETMASTER!

For my troubles though I was able to get Sleater Kinney’s swan song The Woods which I am late to the party (BY FOUR FUCKING YEARS) but am glad that I finally found a copy of this at the used place. This is a testament to my patience frankly. So I would like to think that in the end I won. Shut up. I also found a copy of PJ Harvey’s Dry which I have not heard in years. Finally a replacement copy of Elvis Costello’s This Years Model was found. It’s not the deluxe version, but it was $7, so who the hell can complain? Well you can because I got it and you didn’t. But that’s life. Get to the used place at 10:00 AM on a Saturday and next time you will be the winner.

So now I am at home, an hour to kill before I head out to Transformer Gallery here in Washington, DC. I am hoping my friend Katy has copies of the Turbo Slut/Pygmy Lush split record she just put out. I have problems. Like I have time to listen to vinyl. I need some serious help.

The whole point of this rant is for me to confront the culmination of my dreams and to see the problems with it. I have a list next to me of all the new releases I can remember reading about that I want to check out this year. They have dates next to them. When I was a kid, I never had this. I just showed up to the record store and talked to record store people about what was coming out. They had to check paper catalogs for when things were coming out. Now album release dates are posted on the internet six months before the album is to come out. If I bought two albums on a day that was like insane. And that maybe happened once or twice a year if I was lucky. Now, buying music is a habit, a conditioned aspect of my being, something seemingly out of my control and thoughtless. There are so many options and so many bands. Not all of them are as good as I think they are. I have albums I will listen to once. I get CD’s my friends want me to hear. I rummage about the internet. It’s so easy to feed this. But I don’t listen to music the way I used to. It’s all very fucked up.

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