How not to age gracefully

When I first read that Nine Inch Nails was going to “retire” (again) by touring with Jane’s Addiction I thought it was a weird rumor. The excitement of our internet press didn’t really catapult this underwhelming announcement. It seems however that Los Angeles rock juggernaut Jane’s Addiction is in fact getting back together for a tour with the actual, full on original line up after 18 years or something terribly ridiculous like that. Eric Avery must need the cash (?).

No, but in all seriousness, below you will find video courtesy of Pitchfork TV of the band playing a warm up show in Los Angeles. I’m mildly impressed, but mostly I don’t really care. Maybe it’s because I still feel cheated by the release of Strays a few years ago or maybe it’s because Dave Navarro doesn’t seem that cool to me at 31 the way he did at 14. The fact is, they can still play with the best of them but no one in this band has done anything remotely good or relevant since Porno for Pyros and that was fairly uneven. But really, Perry has costume changes, looks like Iggy Pop and after nearly two decades, all they ever managed was a piss poor album and the continual beating of a horse they killed prematurely because of infighting, ego and drugs.

Rock and Roll isn’t dead, it just won’t die with any grace or dignity. There is nothing terrible about their performance at all as evidenced by this video, but I fail to see the relevancy, especially as the music world is getting turned and twisted on it’s head. We need great rock bands again, there is no doubt about it. But dragging out former glories isn’t going to be a reminder of what rock and roll can do. It’s going to leave us scratching our heads wondering why?

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