More Thorns of Life

For anyone out there and as excited as I am about the Thorns of Life, their recent performance at the legendary Gilman Street (see Green Day, East Bay Punk). The sound is of excellent quality, you can actually hear the music and the lyrics. The best kind of bootleg if you ask me.

Included in the link is a short, but worthy dialog between the guy that recorded this and the guy that posted the link for it. They discuss the rights of who is the share holder of recordings such as this. The engineer, Avi wonders if they hosting blog would host commercial releases. The blogger of course says no. But who is the gate keeper. After all Thorns of Life do not have an album. Why would they, they haven’t toured too much and generated enough money to record one from those tours (or maybe now they have). The model is all messed up these days. It seems like if you don’t have an album before you tour you aren’t legit. So for a band to have the first taste of their music from a bootleg, I can see how it might be frustrating. It’s not the controlled environment of the studio and as with all live recordings, the true energy of the performance is not necessarily captured.

My allegiances I think are obvious. I love a good live show find on the internet. For me this show (the two songs I’ve heard so far) are really hyping me on this band. It’s a much more poppy sloppy punk rock outfit then I was expecting. So this is what the internet is good for, the trading of live shows that people around the world can now be a part of in the ever stretching lexicon of existence.

Okay, it’s early on Saturday when I wrote this. I am no longer making sense. Enjoy the link, or don’t. Thanks for reading. Thorns of Life – most hyped band of ’09 on Franconia Station so far.

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