Company Flow To Re-Issue Funcrusher Plus

Pitchfork is reporting that former indie hip hop uber legends Company Flow have retained the rights back to their 1997 debut album Funcrusher Plus from the fading Ruckus Records. Company Flow was the launching pad for Def Jux CEO and recording artist El-P whose I’ll Sleep When your Dead was this bloggers number one album of 2007 and is part of this bloggers illustrious top ten albums of all time. May 5th will see the release of this newly remastered edition which includes three tracks recorded after the album. Get excited, get stoked, get naked. Do whatever you need to do.

Def Jux is also reporting that emo looking rapper Cage is finally releasing his follow up to Hell’s Winter on June 30th. The new album will be titled Depart from Me and will probably be just as fucked up and screwy as Hell’s Winter. Def Jux is also promising a 7 song digital download of new Cage songs for nothing come this spring.I saw Cage open for Aesop Rock last year and he looked like a possessed Kurt Cobain replete with Daniel Johnson T-Shirt, Converse sneakers and covered in a brown cardigan. Scary indeed.

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