The Jammy Dodgers – Fish n Chips

The Jammy Dodgers
Fish n Chips
No Idea Records

Do you like punk rock? You should and if you don’t, I can’t help you at this point. I mean really. Punk rock is a fantastic genre made up of real people really playing instruments really fast. If that kind of frenetic, honest energy doesn’t speak to you then I fear there just isn’t much in the way of hope for you my dear sweet friend. I also have no idea why you read this blog because I like punk rock and I like to write about punk rock bands. The Jammy Dodgers are a punk band.

I love the Jammy Dodgers, the people and the band. Last summer I spent a few days hanging out with 3/4 of them at their house. Chris was on tour with his other project Ghost Mice, but Izzy, Rilly and Matty let me sleep on their couch, took me to Wayward Council and told me about Gator Dogs. They were all very kind, very polite and cool people. Frankly, that such frantic energy is produced by such laid back people concerns me because the Jammy Dodgers are pop punk the way pop punk should be. This release, their second after the Rock-It-Records debut Skive Off is 7 songs worth of minute and fifteen second blasts of power chord, bratty boy girl vocals.

But don’t let that simple description fool you. Chris Clavin and Izzy Alcatraz trade off on the vocal duties and when I say boy/girl I mean that in the energetic party kind of way. They bark and sing in tune over top of Descendants inspired bass lines and moments of grinding punk a la Bikini Kill. Rilly and Matty keep in step with the tight time keeping and bass fiddlin’ and truly, in that short time period they don’t waste a breath.

There isn’t a ton of new ground here, but the songs don’t last long enough to get too repetitive. The opening track “No Gods No Masters” grabs you by the throat. “Mosh My Brain” has a gang vocal intro that drives into the thundering, overdrive that The Jammy Dodgers seem to have tightened up. “Unseen Future” gives Izzy a bit of room to flex on her own, the vocal opening is ferocious and awesome, making me want a little bit more of that. The EP’s closer “Laundry Day” is my favorite song on the this ditty. Matty’s bass lines, which are blazing and walking through out go all out on this track about loneliness and isolation even when we are surrounded by people.

You won’t find much of The Jammy Dodgers on the internet and unless you live in Florida the chances of them playing live seem to be slim as Ghost Mice still seems to take up a lot of Chris’s time (not that I am complaining, I love Ghost Mice). So I suggest you dust off your record player and grab this slab of vinyl or pronto yr ass over to iTunes for a quick download like this sell out punker did. Really you should get the 7″ because digital downloads are lame. And you don’t want to be lame right? Right.

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