Being intolerant to intolerance makes me intolerable

By definition, I am close minded. It’s true and this is probably not too shocking. But this closed minded rant is a continuation of my ever growing anger at the utter insistence of homophobia by pretty much anyone. Especially today on this the inagerabalationooza where wonderful hatemongers like Diane Feinstein and Rick Warren were such a large part of what is being considered unequivocally as a historical moment.

You see, I am intolerant to this intolerant point of view. In this day racists and sexists are vilified in the greater landscape of our laws and cultures. As a coagulated culture we have pushed our government to create laws that recognize human atrocity and make moves to correct it. We obviously have large journeys to travel in regards to these abdominal notions, but there is historical precedence in regards to both women’s equality and equality based on race. But in my not so humble opinion it’s easier to be a fucking atheist these days then it is to have a sexual or gender orientation that is outside the ridiculously unscientific binary.

To even consider that sexuality and gender has anything to do with anything is as stupid as thinking the NFL is a life and death situation or that Britney Spears has any real, or true artistic relevancy. We hold on to terrible insights and we accept them. We allow people who have about as much authority and knowledge on these issues as I have on Britney Spears and the NFL to dictate these conversations, steer policy and capture our attention under the phosphorescent light. It’s not just the networks and the pundits and the corporations that give lip service to this bullshit. It’s us, as people, who don’t talk about it for what it is, poison.

By allowing people like Diane Feinstien or Rick Warren national exposure and including them in the dialog we suddenly legitimize hate on the basis of sexual orientation. Their inclusion in the inauguration suddenly makes what they say and believe pacifiable. It’s not inclusion of differing points of view but the acceptance of vile hate as a legitimate way of thinking. All these people remind me of is bigotry. So all I can see at the beginning of this “new dawn” is not change at all, but the same old bullshit.
So, at this point in my life, the point of views that see homosexuals, transsexuals and othersexuals as anything other then human just does not interest me. It is hateful, terrible and frankly, it is unequivocally wrong. That seems to be the word of the day, unequivocally. There are no arguments that will sway me on this, there are no points of view in regards to this that are valid, outside of the one that that equates all people as people. It’s very simple, it’s very plain.

I am surrounded by the voices of change and hope and history in the making. But if we are not critical even at the crux of historic moments then we have learned absolutely nothing. We continue to be a short sighted, mentally retarded nation in these times. We can not let the pomp and circumstance dictate the way we converse about important issues. We can not let those that dictate in hate and fear control the heart of the nation and that of the world. We must hope for real change and make our own history. We can’t excuse these mild disagreements when they are so obviously wrong.

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