Sean McArdle

Yesterday was an interesting day for me. I got off of work and drove out to my parents house because they were out of town and they wanted me to check on the cat. I had received a notification about an email I had been waiting on. This tome was in regards to a hearing with my home owners association about a less then erect lamp post. A lamp post that I assured them was upstanding with great turgidity. The email notified me that my hearing had been canceled an so a feeling of stokedness overcame me. This awesome weight had been lifted off of my shoulders. I played with the ‘rent’s Wii for a while and then decided I wanted to go eat food.

In my car and out of town, I headed down Route 7. I was inspired by my recent windfall and was overcome the want of something to do. And not having anything to do, I went and did what I do in these situations. I went used CD shopping. I had visited this site on the prompting of a friend of mine to check out Sera Cahoone, former member of Carrissa’s Weird. By some divine stroke of luck I was able to find a copy of her album Only as the Day is Long, along with Unrest’s Fuck Pussy Galore and All Her Friends, and Morphine’s Like Swimming. A great coup for just over twenty dollars.

On the drive home I continued to be unfulfilled in my quest to DO SOMETHING on a Friday night. Most of the time my anxiety and stress keep me from actually making plans. I just go home and veg out in front of this computer and listen to Cd’s and make a general fool of this gift of life. Not so last night. Because as I pulled in to my house, my friend Laura Jane called me. So we went out to the suave and sophisticated streets of Arlington where we drank beers, I made fun of people, ragged on New York and had a fantastic as fuck time.

At the midnight hour it was time to return home, because I am old and being old and grumpy is what I do best. Retirement will suit me well. But I digress. I got home ready to load my Cd’s onto my iPod. As they were uploading I did my normal web perusing which landed me on a social network site, of which I am a sad and pathetic member. At 1 a.m. I was greeted by a text from my friend and local musician Sean McArdle. I had emailed Sean earlier in the week with a link to some Townes Van Zandt bootlegs on the internet a while ago. He was droping me a line thanking me. A few years ago, Sean and I played a show together in Pittsburgh to no one. Afterwords he sent me an email with Townes Van Zandt’s song “Dublin Blues”. It was a fantastic moment for me to have Sean share this song that he enjoyed with me, especially in light of a 14 hour trip we made together to play in my favorite city to NO ONE.

I have been a huge fan of Sean’s music since I first played with him several years ago. We’ve played quite a few shows together and I’ve got to know his music on a really intimate level. Mr. McArdle has also been working on a full length album for a large chunk of the time that I’ve known him. I was fortunate enough last night to get a sneak peak at the near completed project.

As a friend I am really happy to see the product of Sean’s labor come to completion. It is a project he has put a lot of time and energy into and one that he cares about and has cared for through many, many months. As a fan of his music I can say that this album is stunningly beautiful. It is rich with influences and ties them together seamlessly into a ten song showcase of many talented people who take Sean’s rich songs and make them classics.

I listened to the album while chatting with Sean, giving my reactions, asking questions and generally hyping the man up in a total fan boy kind of way. But for me it was really great to talk to an artist about his record in such an intimate way. Chatting over the net too, really was a perfect way to do it. We stayed on topic the whole time and I was able to listen to the music closely while getting a behind the cut look at Sean’s perspective on it. It’s a moment in my life that again I will not easily forget.

Because I intend to give a full write up of this album when it comes out proper, I can only leave you with this; the album will blow you away. This isn’t the hype of an enthusiastic friend, though I surely am. Northern Charm is on the same level of rich recording, earthy sounding and gritty delivery of Pygmy Lush’s Mount Hope. It’s a great companion album to that one actually and it speaks in a language that comes from the same place, but interprets it in a way that is solely it’s own.

I will let you people know when the record is out proper, where to get it and when it’s official and I figure out how, I will throw up a link to a song. In the mean time I am going to enjoy the shit out of listening to it.

Morphine – Eleven O’Clock – from Like Swimming


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