How Music Functions?

I was reading this yesterday. My man David Dunlap Jr. said, in speaking about Q-Tip’s new album The Rennissance says “I’m also sure I’m not the only one who wants a rapper to relate to my old-guy concerns about my kids, my wife, the economy, and the state of the union.” As a dude that could have a wife, kids, concerns about the economy and the state of the union I really started to wonder about how music functions in our lives. I don’t have a wife and kids and actually the older I get, the less I relate to that lifestyle choice. The older I get the weirder the music I listen to seems to become. Rather then trying to find something that is comforting and conforming to me, I want shit that drives me crazy.

Yesterday I bought a CD by this band called Turisas. They make Viking Metal. No shit. If you have seen the movie Role Models, there is a kid in the film that plays in some fantasy roll playing group with vikings and centaurs and shit like that. Those dudes would be into this band. And while I find it largely comical, this band challenges a lot of my own conventions. For one, it’s Finnish dudes dressed up in Viking regal. I have to some how negotiate within the context of my being that I now own a CD made up of dudes that dress like Vikings. I mean Vikings are bad ass, it’s part of my heritage. But really, it’s pretty odd to see grown men act this way. Metal does this a lot. It takes it self seriously to, which makes me wonder. This brings me to the second part. I am 31 and I still like Metal. Heavy Metal is seriously the most arrested development style music ever. I mean not all of it, there are bands like Neurosis and Isis (to name a few) that are a bit more realistic. But seriously, Mastodon, my favorite metal band are four dudes that smoke weed a lot and write epic albums about whales, horses and crystal skulls on mythical mountains. But I love the shit out of metal. I’ve been getting into it more and more and more as I get older. I don’t take all of it as seriously, but Mastodon is amazing.

When I grow up, and I hope that I don’t, not any more then I already have, I hope I still want something new. I like music I can’t neccisarily relate to. I want to be challenged by new and expanding ideas. I mean there is comfort in knowing there is a world of people going through the same shit as you are. Off With Their Heads did that for me this year. At the same time though, two 17 year old ladies showed me a new world this year. When I think of music, I think a lot about Dalek. There isn’t a band in the world like Dalek in my eyes. Sure they can be classified as Hip Hop, but the noise they make feels like it comes from another planet. That’s what I want out of music.

I’m listening to Brian Posehn right now. It’s bad ass dude. I want to be like him when I grow up. I had more of a point to this post when I started it. I wanted to argue a point. I just sorta drifted away into some other land though. It happens from time to time. I’ll probably be checking out for 2008. I’m supposed to be working on a book over my vacation. So I hope people are bad ass in the Solctice celbration and new years revelry. 2009 promises me Dalek, John Frusciante, Mastodon, Matt and Kim and a new Kelly Clarkson album. We will be discussing her new single that gets released on 1-5-09. I’ll buy it. We shall see what the diva does. Until then, keep yr unit on you. Much love.


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