Franconia Stations Top Five Songs of 2008

Welcome to the annual Top Five Dope Ass Songs That I listened to like I was on Ritalin. All of these bands that put out albums put out awesome albums, and in some cases they put out albums that were my first introduction to them. These were the tracks though that I just went ga-ga over. So if these aren’t in yr party mix, I might not be getting down, but if you come to my house I will dance with you while we listen to this junk!

1. Dancing Choose – TV On The Radio (From Dear Science – Interscope Records)

This song is no fucking joke. It actually kinda reminds me of listening to The Dismemberment Plan which I really hope my home town boys see as a big ups to them. This song just bumps and rocks and trips and hips and pops in all the right ways. Tunde Adebimpe totally flows on his rocket fire rap verses. The horns blare out and just give the song a sick punch. And when my man Kyp Malone throws down that sick falsetto on you, it just tickles. This is the song that got me into this band hard core and if you aren’t twitching out to it, yr missing out.

2. Good Ole Fashion Nightmare – Matt and Kim (internet download single)

“Good Ole Fashion Nightmare” is so good that I can’t even listen to Matt and Kim’s self titled debut album anymore. They graduate in all sense of the word. The sounds are more abundant, the lyrics are more meaningful, the songs are even more catchy which just seems impossible for this happy go lucky duo. But it’s true. This is the kinda song that sticks in your head. One you hum in your cubicle or on your walk to the car. Their new album is highly anticipated for the ’09 but this song rocked my 2008.

3. Stay Positive – The Hold Steady (From Stay Positive – Vagrant Records)

This bands been around for a while and I never really jumped on the band wagon until I heard this track. First of all Franz Nicolay is pretty fucking awesome and the fact that he plays piano in this band and is such a presence on this track is really fantastic. Plus our dude Craig Finn drops science on punk rock history and rock and roll scenes. But he’s both delicate and eloquent. Not to mention it’s a good fist pumping song. I can imagine this chorus being blared out at sporting events in the future. Bit ups to the Hold Steady.

4. Call to the Comptrollers Office – Bridge and Tunnel (From East/West – No Idea Records)

This song is just ridiculous. It has everything that rules about melodic post punk by dudes with beards. And what’s more their are ladies in this band which makes the dynamic of this genre of music all the more better. Bridge and Tunnel stand out in a sea of a lot of really great bands, many on No Idea. They write songs differently in ways that are truly unique. This song is informed by a scene, but it also exceeds it. I really liked this whole album a lot, but this song to me was the pinnacle and I really wanted more of it. The breakdowns, the gang vocals, the shimmering guitars during the transition, the laid back drumming. This is the future of punk rock.

5. Pajammin – Good Luck (From Into Lake Griffy – Self Released)

Elements of funkyness, friendly guitars and playful drums. “Pajammin” is a great song. It eases you in at the beginning, kinda giving you a bit of smile. Ginger Alford sings so softly, sweetly. Then they pick it up a little bit. It’s still building, the anticipation is great. Finally they hit you with the dance groove breakdown and Matty Pop Chart takes over with the anthem. His noodle guitar part brings it all down. This song is a fucking party. A shimmering awesome party.


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