The Year in Hardcore

Hey kids, lets wrap up 2008. It was an interesting year for me in terms of music buying. I bought a lot of new bands that I had never heard. Some of them I read about, some I just checked out on the internet. With that, I got into a lot of new hardcore bands that I hadn’t heard about.

Boston, Massachusetts brought me Blacklisted this year. I read an awesome interview with their singer Jamie on (my home for a lot of my hardcore recommendations) and had to check out the band. Their new album Heavier than Heaven, Lonelier than God was a big huge surprise for me. The album lives up to it’s title without a doubt and really got me car moshing. It also really blew a lot of other albums out of the water and (spoiler alert) is secured in my top five.

Dan Yemin is a hero of mine and his band Paint it Black are no exception to the rule. This year they attempted to turn hardcore on it’s head, and while perhaps not changing the genre completely New Lexicon did manage to surprise me. It was not just the added soundscapes of Dalek’s Octopus, but also the great song writing. Yemin handed over the reins to his highly talented band and created a fantastic record, which too got me car moshing and raising fists.

Another punknews recommendation was Trash Talk. This Sacramento, California sludgy thrash band made much in the way of waves inciting crowds to violence and being generally regarded as a love em or hate em kind of band. The self titled album was recorded by none other than sludge master Steve Albini (Shellac, Nirvana Producer) and it was worth the coin. The bass is just sickly and the drums are retarded heavy and trashy. This band is dangerous.

The great No Idea had a slew of awesome punk releases and Ventura, California’s Glass and Ashes was no exception. The name pretty much speaks for itself. Punch holes in all the speaker cabinets and make the singer eat a bunch of cigarette butts and you pretty much get a really awesome band. They bring what you expect from a No Idea band, which as far as I am concerned any more is a seal of approval. Another self titled set that just makes me want to kick people into trash cans and yell a lot in public.

I also just downloaded a band called Eating Glass. The album art was intriging and low and behold it was on iTunes for a mear four dollars. 11 minutes of horrifying mind melding awesomeness. A little less sludgey than Trash Talk but just as hectic and messy. I can’t wait to tear it up more.

Alright, well that’s it for this week. I think by next weekend I will start my top five albums for the year. It is quite a surprise for me. My number one for most of the year was unseated, and only barely and for reasons that I find rather telling and interesting about myself. Also despite some highly anticipated albums by some favorites the list contains four new bands that I hadn’t heard about before this year. That was actually pretty exciting to. New music is awesome. So yea, thrash forth is awesomeness. Hardcore pretty much made for some good times in the Twothousandandhate!


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