The World Inferno Friendship Society

So here are a few things I learned in life. 1. I am older then most people that listen to the music I listen to. This makes me really sad because The World/Inferno Friendship Society are fucking amazing. 2. If you get kicked in the back of the knee enough times, not only does it hurt real bad, it’s really hard to move. 3. Live music is better then sitting on yr couch and watching TV all day. I should do it more often again. 4. Always, Always Always remember the speed of the film you are using and remember the digital parts of the camera you’ve never used before know this much better then yr own stupid memory. 5. The kids to day are rambunctious. I never saw stage diving at the Black Cat before this show. Maybe at Avail in like 1996. And I think Frodus too. But honestly not that many people have successfully jumped off that stage. I hope The World/Inferno Friendship Society are invited back.

You can check out more altered photos from this show at this link.

Not sure what I will shoot next or when. Everything is kinda of bleak and gray. Life is feeling like that Joy Division cover again. Oh well. Listen to Bloc Party, The World Inferno Friendship Society, Sonic Youth. Read books. Eat food.

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