Maryland Sucks!

This article on our “justice” system sucks. This story illustrates what is most likely occuring on a daily basis by the facist state we live in.

Hey fuckers in state and local government, this is what we want you to do:
1. Pave our fucking roads
2. Pick up our fucking waste
3. Clean our parks
4. Build our schools and libraries and make sure they are well funded

this is what we don’t want you to do:
1. Spy on your tax base
2. meddle in public policy
3. have a social, political or religous agenda
4. make decissions on anything that isn’t based on the municipality.

THAT IS YOUR FUCKING FUNCTION. Are we such a stupid, paranoid powerhungry society that we must make social decissions through government. That is the power of the courts and the legisilation. WHAT THE FUCK. The last thing I want to hear my local and state police doing, weather I agree with said groups or not, is to act as an agent of the state in matters that are not involved in their jurasdiction. Posing as peace activists and anti-death penalty activits to make sure the public good is kept up is NOT WHAT YOU GET PAID FOR. I don’t fucking care what that stupid fucking patriot act says. That document is a piece of shit anyway (espeically in light of all the money laundering and fraud that occurs in this country with no real effort to prevent it, the regulations that thing puts on banks and the financial industry is laughable at best).

And lets not forget that these “groups” you were so busy monitoring opperate on the underlying principle of pacifism. This means they are not interested in utilizing tactics in violence to disrupt the peace. they plan candle light vigils (at night when most of the public is a sleep), utilize grassroots organizing, attend public hearings and meetings, and occasionally gather in front of municipal buildings to stage peaceful protests made up of a lot of chanting, bad singing and marching. DOES THE IRONY OF ALL THIS NOT ESCAPE YOU?

If the State of Maryland is so interested in non-violence here are a few suggestions:
1. Pose as crusaders of christ and infultrate churches to see if anyone is planning on killing any abortion doctors or staff at abortion clinics, planning to protest the funnerals of anyone or genrally spreading the doctrine of god as it relates to hellfire, damnation and persecution.
2. pose as McDonald’s employees to see if any one buys that food that is so terrible for you it will stop your heart
3. Pose as immigrants and go to day labor sights and make sure these people that are doing hard work to carve out an honest living aren’t existing in fear of the INS or vigilante “Patriots” who want to kick people out of the country because they are “illegal”.
4. Call me and take some fucking cybercrime cases off my desk and find out where the fuck all this money that is being stolen from banks is being used to fund. I garuntee it’s a lot scarier then people who don’t want to see other people, any people die.
5. Quit and do something meaningful with your life. Go work at FYE for god sakes.



Whatever it’s my space on the internet

1. I’ve never been dissapointed in another human being before. I thought I had, but last night I had a conversation that, if what was previewed for me happens in this persons life occurs, I will be so sorely dissapointed. It’s the kind of thing that makes you not only re-evaluate everything you thought you knew about a person and question everything you admired about them, but it also makes you seriously wonder about your own judge of charechter. I told them a lot, in an email, which irritates me because I hate email, but this person isn’t in the business of getting letters right now. I didn’t tell them the magnitude of how dissapointed I would be, but I did lay it out there. The worst part about all of this is there is nothing I can do from here on out. I doubt seriously I have any influence in this persons life anymore. I understand now how I might have affected the course of their life in the past, but this plea, and it was a harsh, brutal plea to reconsider even thinking about making their decission is the only thing I can do to try and make up for my past mistakes and to live my life without that dissapointment. Because no one should ever have to live with that.

2. Listen to Lungfish. This is supposed to be a blog about music, so here you go, Lungfish are amazing. They are weird and strange and mystical and esoteric. They are hypnotic. They are amazing. I wrote a crappy blog about Lungfish. I didn’t do them justice. But maybe some kid will get into it.

3. I checked out The Portable Atheist from the library last night. The book is edited by Christopher Hitchens. I don’t like it. Don’t get my wrong, there is some good writing in there and there are great arguments being made. But as I have stated already in this blog (not the appropriate blog I created for such things) the Athiest movement is plauged by hatred, resentment, hostility (which I get on one level, I do) and self congratulation. It has been a while since I read something so unabashedly biased. It will be, I think, a great challenge to distance myself from this poor execution of argument. That’s what pisses me off the most. It’s like that radio station that Al Franken started where he hired a bunch of people that utilized the same rhetorichal methodology that the so-called “right wing” pundits used to spread their methods. It just sounded as equally stupid. You can not win over the minds of people, you can’t even be taken seriously when the language you use in non-objective. These people are supposed to be scientists, a large majority of them anyway. How do they not understand that. Take Dawkins for example, his book The God Delusion is so filled with one sided language, that even I can’t support those ideas. And I generally agree with Dawkins. I think his study of biology leands great credence to the arguments of Atheism. But you can’t counter arguments about beleif with arrogance. Beleif is afterall supposed to be so deeply rooted that it is unshakeable. You have to deconstruct them from the core. Emotional arguments are worthless, especially when talking about things that are emotional.

4. I have written 20 pages in what I hope will be my first book. This is the fourth book I have ever started, the third to go past 10 pages. This is another step in the path of doing right by me. I am in total, 100%, absolute selfish mode. It’s all about me. That feels damn good.