Make Music, Drink Coffee

Wow, I’ve been away from this blog for a while. I mean that’s bad ass in a way. I’ve been busy writing it up at misikal on the music front and failing at leaving this computer shut off. I’ve often used the anonymous public to wax about the private. The private now is a lot more complex and the public is no form for that either. Writing about music though has been comforting.

Right this moment I am watching Shut Up & Sing, the story of how basically American’s are stupid and you pay the price of that stupidity if you speak publicly. Music is powerful and to have a public voice in music is fucking awesome. Pretty much, all we have are our voices in this world.

I’ve been thinking about that as my life has been in the hanger. It’s been a while since I felt like things were not moving, and while life is not getting through the hurdles as quickly as I wanted, but I have recognized that my voice is powerful. I have been granted more power in my voice because of who I am. I’ve learned, very humbly as of late, just how powerful that voice is. I’m spending a lot of time secluded and holed up. Part of it is personal, part of it is just keeping busy, part of it is reflection. But I’m ready to break the fuck out.

If you read this for some reason still that’s pretty weird. You probably know me and are connected peripherally through the other stupid on-line means I exist in. But regardless, I am playing a show in June in Washington DC. I hope to use my voice and my position of privileged for good that evening. If yr in DC, you should come out. I hope to make it worth while for you.

Until I see you again here, take good care.


One thought on “Make Music, Drink Coffee

  1. yo erik! i plan to make it to your show.let’s get together soon and do some of the old school sh#$ we used to do. let’s go to the zoo or me! -your fav librarian

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