The Purpose of the Supreme Court

While Scalia’s assesment of why the need for hand guns is about as stupid as religious theology it seems to me that we as a nation have forgotten that the role of the Supreme Court is to interpret laws based on their constitutionality. The second ammendment states:

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

Clearly, the constitution outlines here that people have the right to own weapons and organize militia’s in an effort to keep the State in check.

Guns suck. I hate guns. I hate that they exist. I think they do terrible terrible things. But by god, if our government is allowed to arm itself we should have the freedom to do so to. I have never beleived this issue has been about owning hand guns for protection or uzi’s to shoot deer. Those ideas are retarded and proposterous, given the facts of both issues. But much the way I don’t feel that Government has the right to impose death on anyone, I don’t beleive the military power should be left soley in their hands. It gives the military too much political and social clout, not to mention it opens the posibility for Military coups, which is really what the second amendment was created to prevent. While there is no doubt in my mind our military could crush our citizenry with ease in this highly technichal, psychotic armerment world we live in with their balistic missles and drones and what have you, the intention of this amendment was not so that lunatics could have weapons in log cabins, but so that the people could rise in opposition to their government should the need arise.

It is silly how we forget history. We contextualize everything in terms of present tense. We forget our past and disregaurd our future. Gun control is neccessary. It is neccessary to keep guns out of the hands of children, out of the nefarious “black” markets, out of the streets. These are efforts that should not only fall on the responsibility of our bueracratic government, but with individuals, in communities and through our own efforts of non-violence.

Scalia is a tool. His assesment of what the Constitution provides for it’s people is completely fucked up. Self Defense? Laws are not going to prevent people from defending them selves by what ever means they feel are neccessary. But we can not disagree that, like it or not, the constitution grants under our government structure the right to own weapons. For this, the supreme court can not be faulted.


Tuesday, a good day for a head vomit.

These are the things I am thinking about lately. I appologize for the relatively out of context entry, but I had to get this out.

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  1. A lot of Atheist’s I’ve read about are associated with, either officially or through their actions, the neo-conservative movement. It’s difficult to understand how a philosophy of thought based on critical thinking could be so fucking narrow minded. But what the fuck do I know. I just want to state very clearly, that as a recently outed Atheist, I don’t buy into psychotic, neo-conservative, new world order bullshit that is not different then the hate speach tossed up by other assholes with a fucking agenda in this world. Concerns and questions can be forwarded to the appropriate departments.
  2. I am constantly worried about fetishizing cultures that interst me. As an American, I realize that largely I make my own culture and customs. There is nothing remotely interesting or indeed refined about being an American. There is something however in the customs and idiosyncracies of “other” cultures that is lately appealing to me. But I am worried that my affinity is based on the “exotic” the “different” because there are so many things I don’t understand. And sadly I know very few people in these cultures of interest that can both reassure and invite me into these worlds. Of course when you have no culture, and American’s really don’t have much of a real culture, you can’t approach another culture without wonderment and excitement. I wish I could learn everything about every culture on earth, but that will never happen.
  3. For a good month now I have been really bothered by my failure to get it. I would really like to address this realization with a particular person but I don’t really know how appropriate it is. I’ve come to learn very quickly that as much as I’d like to think I’ve matured into an understanding about gender, feminism, reclamation of language and other such big topics, I don’t fucking get it at all. Or I didn’t really get it at all. This has been rather a large drag on my life (of which is more complicated and shitty then I’d like) and I don’t really know how to solve this problem. But I would like to say to this person, who probably doesn’t read this, I get it now, that I don’t really get it and I was wrong. There are a lot of contirbuting factors to this outside of our exchange, my own failings in certain aspects of my life, coupled with my complete ignorance to reality. So I’m sorry.
  4. More on topic – Punk Rock Aesthetics is bullshit. I have learned this from Bruce Springsteen and Joe Strummer. Acting like art is not meant to be seen, acting like you don’t want to reach as many people as possible is total fucking shit. I have, as an artist, shorted myself of my potential by buying into Indie Rock bullshit. Bruce Springsteen and Joe Strummer, along with countless other artists made their best music on Commericial Labels. It’s not about being a buisness person, it’s about taking what you want from whom ever will give it to you to do what ever the fuck you want to do. It has nothing to do with politics at all. It has nothing to do with anything. If corproate suits are dumb enough to give you money to make yr masterpiece, fucking take it and make it.
  5. Joy Division is fantastic. I can’t get enough of Peter Hook’s bass lines. I wish I was into this band a lot earlier. Either way listening to Joy Division has made me realize I need to update my list of top ten records of all time. Be on the look out at for this shit. you know yr interested in the music I listen to. You know you are.
  6. I listened to Kelly Clarkson’s “My December” today. It made me feel a little bit better. I am really angry today. Like more so then normal.
  7. Finally, I wrote three people letters recently. They were hand written and a bit on the ‘Whoa, insane’ side of things. If you were the recipient of one of these letters and yr worried about me, don’t. I was at a work training session when I wrote them and really pissed off at the world. I think I’ll be getting better soon. I need to seperate my time and write when I am at home and clear headed. Not like how I spit this piece of shit internet reading entry thing out into the world.

Thanks for indulging. Call me if you want. If you have my number. Otherwise, love to you and yours.

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Make Music, Drink Coffee

Wow, I’ve been away from this blog for a while. I mean that’s bad ass in a way. I’ve been busy writing it up at misikal on the music front and failing at leaving this computer shut off. I’ve often used the anonymous public to wax about the private. The private now is a lot more complex and the public is no form for that either. Writing about music though has been comforting.

Right this moment I am watching Shut Up & Sing, the story of how basically American’s are stupid and you pay the price of that stupidity if you speak publicly. Music is powerful and to have a public voice in music is fucking awesome. Pretty much, all we have are our voices in this world.

I’ve been thinking about that as my life has been in the hanger. It’s been a while since I felt like things were not moving, and while life is not getting through the hurdles as quickly as I wanted, but I have recognized that my voice is powerful. I have been granted more power in my voice because of who I am. I’ve learned, very humbly as of late, just how powerful that voice is. I’m spending a lot of time secluded and holed up. Part of it is personal, part of it is just keeping busy, part of it is reflection. But I’m ready to break the fuck out.

If you read this for some reason still that’s pretty weird. You probably know me and are connected peripherally through the other stupid on-line means I exist in. But regardless, I am playing a show in June in Washington DC. I hope to use my voice and my position of privileged for good that evening. If yr in DC, you should come out. I hope to make it worth while for you.

Until I see you again here, take good care.