Turboslut Out Takes

These are some out takes from my Turboslut weekend.

Be on the look out for my interview with Turboslut in my new zine “Korupt Yr Self” as soon as I get unlazy and transcribe the sucker.

You can catch more photos at my flickr site.

I will be doing a write up about it for Misikal this week as well.

Enjoy the love folks.


Some other Photos from Matt and Kim w. The Max Levine Ensemble

Spoonboy – The Max Levine Ensemble

Matt of Matt and Kim

Matt and Kim

Matt and Kim

So I write for this site http://www.misikal.com. So most of my updates about music will be there. There will be some shit about some shit and shit dude. It’s bad ass. Here are some bonus photos. I am thinking my next shoot session will be Pygmy Lush and Turboslut later in the month. Check out misikal.com for other stuff and enjoy these out takes

The Max Levine Ensemble