More Photos From Shows

Chris and Mike Taylor - Pygmy Lush

Pygmy Lush played an amazing set at the Velvet Lounge which is a venue picking up some of the shows that happened at the Warehouse Next Door. They Played with Ghastly City Sleep who one friend described as a Brooklyn Pink Floyd. Such is Life.

Ghastly City Sleep

Turboslut, Antlers and suprise guests The Max Levine Ensamble pretty much was the best thing that has happened in my life this year so far. Music is my only saving grace right now and these young punks from DC are awesome. They make me feel like a grandpa, but they also make me feel welcomed in this town still.

Whitney Blair - Turboslut
Whitney Blair – Turboslut

Beck and Whitney - Turboslut
Beck and Whitney – One of my favorite shots I’ve taken to date.

The Max Levine Ensemble
The Max Levine Ensemble are the best band from the Down City EVER!

3/5 of Antlers. They are a going to be huge.

So that’s about it for me. Next week I should be posting photos from The Max Levine/World/Inferno friendship society show that happens tommorow. Look for soon as well as my new zine Korupt Yr Self in bathroom stalls and bath-houses everywhere.


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