Music Consumption UP

So over the last two days I have consumed by several means a bunch of new music. First, for you gentle reader I will make a list. I am not a list person unless it has to do with music. Because I love music.

In no particular order:
Swervedriver – Mezecal Head
Bob Mould – District Line
Blond Redhead –Melody of Certain Damaged Lemons
Disfear – Live the Storm
The Dropkick Murphy’s – Warrior’s Code
A Tribe Called Quest – The Love Movement
Municipal Waste – Hazardous Mutations
De La Soul – Three Feet High and Rising
The Beastie Boys – License To Ill

This pretty much trumps last week (which I didn’t write about and won’t) and is one of my biggest music consumption weeks since new years. I buy albums at alarming rates fow someone who has constant money problems (ie I don’t have money) and this year I have dedicated myself to buying less new CD’s and buy used CD’s (cheaper, better for the environment), obtaining iTunes gift cards from friends (feels good, better for the environment) and other means (blogs and russian servers are a great thing for people like me). In fact I have only bought about five new CD’s this year and with a dreary new release schedule I should be able to obtain other albums upcoming (Billy Bragg and Del the Funky Homosapien)with relative ease either use or via iTunes. On the flip side of that I have made about five visits to the local used store where I have gotten some jems and some other stuff I either wanted to hear for the first time or replace old tapes (Beastie Boys and Tribe are good examples). So It’s been a good year. Oh yea and also there is trading. I believe in trading. My G/F signed up for this service called CDSWAP and we piled up some stuff we didn’t want anymore and are shipping it off. We have Elton John and Micheal Jackson on the way. So that’s pretty awesome and also enviromentally friendly.

Being enviromentally friendly is important in music consumption to me. When I look at my tower (and I do mean tower) of CD’s I think about the day when I pass from this earth and all this plastic becomes worthless to whom ever will be cleaning up the mess I leave behind. I hope there will be some way to perserve the collection in a library somehow, that would be my dream, to donate the whole lot to a public or private library where kids could study music, but who knows if CD’s will even be listenable in the future. We just don’t know. So that’s why things like swaps and downloads and buying used are so important. I think this should be the goal for people’s consumption. I think it is the only sustainable economic model. Infinite growth is bad for consumers, bad for the environment and imposible to maintain. If we recycle more in our buying, companies will be forced to produce less and then products will go down in price, CEO’s will make less or hopefully die out all together, and captial and wealth can be more evenly distributed. All while sustaining this beautiful planet we keep fucking up with our stupid shit. This is what is driving my music consumption this year – Buy Used, Swap with Strangers, Share with Friends, Buy on-line and only by new releases new if they are something I am REALLY excited about.

Anyway – on to the music. I wanted to give you lovely people some mini reviews of what I have listened to so far this weekend. Got some pretty good albums, so it should be a busy week for me. Come back soon and check out reviews for the new Paint It Black and Lemuria CD’s. Without Further Ado:

Swervedriver – Mezecal Head
I listened to this band a lot in highschool. I loved the hell out of them and they sort of faded into obscurity. However anyone who was into Jawbox or loves Sonic Youth and My Bloody Valentine would do well to check this album out. It is one of those endless rock albums that is both catchy and noisy and soulful. Having failed for the last two years to find a copy of this, I turned to iTunes after the receipt of some unexpected gift cards and picked this sucker up last night. I have been mellowing out to it this morning and it’s been glorious. Do your self a favor and track this one down.

Disfear – Live the Storm
It seems that Pitchfork is giving more real estate to metal these days and the coverage of it is excellent (I never thought I would say that about Pitchfork). So as I really trust the metal staff there I decided to hunt for this one online. I am pretty glad that I found it because it’s pretty fucking heavy. I guess I would classify this as more as hardcore rather then metal, but it deffinetly has some of that good Swedish Death Metal flavor. The guitarist from Entombed and the Singer from At the Gates have apparently made this passable band something of a rising star, and Live the Storm will certainly make this band a contender. Metal is getting faster, heavier and more brutal and bands like Disfear are keeping technical prowess at the forefront without looking like a bunch of ego stroking monkeys. Thrash hard to this one kids.

The Dropkick Murphy’s- Warrior’s Code
I really like the song “Shipping up to Boston” but this album is a basic punk rock effort. Its not bad, it’s kinda like Rancid in that it’s better then their recent output but no where near Lets Go or And Out Come the Wolves. I will always favor Murphy’s Law because they are from Boston and have that Irish color to them, which I dig, but there is no need to get excited about this one. It does what it came to do, and in the punk rock genre, sadly that is a great feat. Nothing to write home about. Mike Geary corrected my retardedness. It is the Dropkicks that did this song that was lyrics by Woodie Guthrie that he rightly guessed probably was why this song is more rad then their other songs. eventually I will respond to his email.

De La Soul – Three Feet High and Rising
I re-purchased three albums I owned growing up. The Beastie Boys were one of the first bands I ever got into as a kid. De La Soul was one of the first hip hop groups I ever heard that made me reconsider the genre as a youth, and A Tribe Called Quest are a favorite of mine. But any way Three Feet High and Rising has been grossly out of print for years in favor of the re-grouped trio’s more recent output. But some idiot in the Arlington, VA region let there copy go and now I am the better man for owning this once again. I rocked the shit out of this tape when I was in the 10th and 11th grade (along with Public Enemy’s Fear of a Black Planet which I need a copy of if anyone wants to send it to me). I used to get made fun of by some black dudes in my Geometry class for singing “Me Myself and I”. They would ask me what the hell I knew about Hip Hop and at that time all I knew Was De La Soul, Public Enemy and Del the Funky Homosapien. I’d like to say I know a lot more about hip-hop, but the older I get I realize it’s a genre I can really love, but never fully be a part of. Either way this album is pretty much classic and really puts into perspective that the posi-hip hop movement was born from NYC. This album made me realize that while there was credence (a great deal of it) in gangsta rap, hip hop was more then just guns and swear words. While I have come to respect the origins of gangsta rap I must say I am sorry to see that the basest images of that part of hip hop prevailed for the wonderfully fun parts of hip hop like De La Soul. Anyway, it’s good to have this in my collection again. It’s a fun listen and should be in any collection of anyone who is serious about the history of rap music and hip hop.

Started With: Swervedriver – Duress

Ended With: Bob Mould – Old Highs, New Lows


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