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Hey Kids, This is a photo blog of some photos I took of bands. I am setting up an Etsy shop to sell prints. I will be pimping those here. Also I am planning to learn to sew because I think I want to start making quilts and pillows out of t-shirts. but we shall see. In the mean time:

Aimee Argote – des_ark – January 5, 2007 Aimee Argote, Des Ark

Ashley Arwine – des_ark – January 5, 2007
Ashley Arwine, Des_Ark

Beck – Turboslut – January 5, 2007
Beck, Turboslut

Wil – Zegota – January 5, 2007

Gideon Foreman – Double Dutch – January 12, 2007
Gideon, Double Dutch

Katy Otto – Problems – January 12, 2007
Katy Otto, Problems

Erin McCarley – Problems – January 12, 2007
Erin McCarley, Problems

Todd McDonald – Problems – January 12, 2007
Todd McDonald, Problems

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