Defiance! Ohio – The Fear The Fear The Fear

Defiance! Ohio
The Fear, The Fear, The Fear
No Idea Records

The List (based on the song “The List” from this album)

1. This album is a great improvement in sound quality and recording then anything this band has put out to date.
2. This improvement in studio recording benefits this “folk punk” outfit greatly.
3. This album proves this band is on their way to becoming legendary if they continue down this road.
4. Because this album is so damn good it continues my hope for DIY culture.
5. My only complaint is that there are no songs with BZ or Sherri singing solo (the performance on “Oh Susquehanna!” from 2006’s The Great Depression was one of my favorites).

Quite simply I have been in love with this band since I opened for them two years ago. Despite my initial skepticism towards a “folk-punk” scene (a stupid genre title as emo, all music is for people, all punk music is folk) Defiance! Ohio really won me over, convincing me that the addition of acoustic instruments as part of punk rock was essential to its growth and maintaining its roots in the DIY spirit punk rock was founded in.

Defiance! Ohio has stayed grounded in their ideas of do-it-yourself with the people in your community. They have achieved a great deal of success sticking to their core values, despite, I am sure, plenty of interest from other labels much bigger and a lot less dedicated to their vision and operation then No Idea. Because of this dedication they have been able to organically grow their audience and gain the attention of a devoted fan base. The Fear The Fear The Fear will put them into a position to gain more recognition from a larger part of the punk community and hopefully gain them some recognition from the fickle indie rock kids as well as their music is more then just political songs by punk kids. They write catchy, heartfelt songs in a language that is all their own. They are not merely augmenting their sound with the use of Violin and Cello, it is a natural and vital part of their music that continues to get better and better over time.

With 2008 being a year of great hope for myself personally and those around me, The Fear The Fear The Fear, despite it’s ominous title adds richness to that hope with it’s energy, compassion, craft and all out joy and love. Defiance! Ohio has made the record I have been waiting for them to make since I first heard them and they can only continue to exceed expectations from here.

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