Bomb The Music Industry – Get Warmer

Bomb the Music Industry!
Get Warmer
Asian Man/Quote Unquote

The thing that has often been missing for me in pop punk is energy, creativity and fun. All of those things are prevalent in the new album Get Warmer by Bomb the Music Industry, a ska, punk, futuristic band that originally hailed from Long Island. I am so happy that this band found me, or that I found them (thanks goes to Mitch Clem who put them on his top ten list in 2006) because had I not, my love for this genre would probably have gone away as I increasingly run towards old age.

Pretty much from the start Bomb The Music Industry thrashes through their songs yelling at the top of their lungs, frantically bashing out power chords doing all the things necessary to make an awesome pop punk record. However it is the nuances that make Bomb the Music Industry relevant and worth listening to. Through out the album they toss in interesting uses of keyboards like on “Unlimited Breadsticks, Soup and Salad Days” which brings the songs to life. Their use of horns reminds me of the greatly overlooked Swank from Virginia. In fact the more I listen to this album, the more I remember the pop punk from DC and Virginia I listened to in my youth. Bomb the Music Industry is reminiscent of all the great things about pop punk and punk-ska music.

A lot of times bands that operate with in the restrictions of a genre become a shell of that genre. It’s hard to experiment and retain your identity at the same time when you have a formula to work with in. But sometimes it’s the formula that gives you strength. Bomb the Music Industry exists completely within the world of pop punk, exploring every great avenue that has been paved before them and they ride around those roads yelling, singing and having a great time. That is the point of music and Bomb the Music Industry has embraced that completely, making no bones about who they are. This confidence is why they succeed in making an album worth listening to.

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