About as Political as I am likely to get any more

Mike Huckabee and Chuck Norris scare the shit out of me.

Obama doesn’t do anything for me. Frankly I don’t really have a strong opinion on the election. I find that American politics are safe and therefor in effective. There is lots of Rhetoric and no one with any balls to say anything real or safe. I’d have a lot more respect for Mike Huckabee if he just came out and said he felt all gay people deserve to go to hell like he most likely beleives in his heart of hearts. At least that would show some truth. I don’t beleive that any one running will put us in good hands, better perhaps then what we face now (it can’t get much worse) but only slightly and not nearly enough to effect real change.

We are a young nation and I think a grealy failing nation that has walked away hard from our founding ideas. Human kind, Americans, we don’t have a voice and these elections only prove that, because those on the soap box, preaching change, preaching hope all they are is rhetorical masters of language with nothing to say. There is no difference in ideology in today’s “political discourse” then there was probably 200 years ago when this country was founded. IF we don’t progress naturally as people we can’t possibly maintain a true vision of what America is supposed to be.

Being an American means giving a shit. I see a lot of people saying they do, but I don’t see anything that proves it.

Mickey Mouse for President, 2008. If were going to elect a cartoon, he might as well make us smile.

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