Lets Get Blown Away

Please do your self a favor and go to this myspace page for the Irish duo Heathers and download the songs off of here. They are 17 years old and are amazing. The tune “Slices of Palma” just pretty much rocked the shit out of my face. They have a new album comming out in the summer on the AWESOME Plan-It-X label so be sure to get your five dollars ready.

Speaking of Plan-It-X, I saw the “Juno” film in which Antsy Pants head Kimya Dawson has a bunch of songs on it. her song “Tree Swing” mentions the awesome Paul Baribeu as the inspiration for the song. You should pretty much get his CD now from Plan-It-X, after you see the movie and download the “Juno” soundtrack. I am not a big fan of Soundtracks normally, but I am gonna hook it up on Friday when I get paid. It’s on iTunes now and in stores on the 15th of January. The movie itself is pretty awesome. You should deffinately check it out. Micheal Cena is a little awkward in it, and Jason Bateman’s charechter is very interesting in all of this. He is easy to identify with but very hard to sympathize with. But anyway there is a scene in the movie that makes me think Micheal Cena and Ellen Page’s charechter’s might have actually been to a basement show featuring our boy Baribeau or other such people.

Also go to New Idea Society’s web page and download “You are Wearing Your Welcome Mat” while you still can.

Reviews hopefully next week for Defiance Ohio and Max Levine Ensamble’s newest CD’s. If you are in DC you go to Zegota, des_Ark and Turboslut or you do not talk to me. Info can be found here.

Love you.

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