2007 in review

So I missed you all last week. Sorry. It’s been a rought one. so I know that I am supposed to be reviewing albums and what is to come is gonna frustrate the fuck out of you my new, loyal reader. but that’s just gonna have to stand.

I am watching “Zodiac” at the moment, uploading two new CD’s I just got in the mail and thinking about this year in music. It’s been an interesting year for music (and for me too). There have been a lot of good records, but not many GREAT ones.

But anyway, I’ve been thinking. I am holding two new CD’s here that I was waiting on in the mail. There is something about them. Something about how they feel, sitting here waiting to be listened to. They might be the CD’s I’ve been waiting to blow me out of the water. They just feel that way.

I like it when music surprises me. It’s one of the reason’s why I like music, why I try to appreciate a lot of different types of music. But this year man, I don’t know. Everything that’s on my top 5 this year so far really came out of the wood work. None of them are albums I really expected, or things I listened to before this year.

So anyway – here is my list of everything I have aquired this year – lots of surprised. It is comprehensive of things I bought and things people shared with me or some interesting things I found on the internet for free (Ben Lee, Raidohead). I may purchase the new album by Maritime and pick up the new Statehood, but I may weight for this next year. We shall see. Shit comming up soon with reviews of this stuff and my favorites for the year that will no doubt surprise you.

I’ll Sleep When Your Dead – EL-P
s/t – Lifetime
A Weekend in the City – Bloc Party
Cassdega – Bright Eyes
Four Winds (EP) Bright Eyes
Living with the Living – Ted Leo
Mo’ Living – Ted Leo
Four One Five Two – Sundowner
Human Death Dance – Sage Francis
Phantom Limb – Pig Destroyer
Werewolves and Lollipops – Patton Oswalt
The Best Gun – Pash
The World is Bright and Lonely – New Idea Society
We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank – Modest Mouse
My December – Kelly Clarkson
A Year in the Wilderness – John Doe
Champion Sound – Jaylib (Reissue)
Ruff Draft – Jay Dilla (Reissue)
The Good the Bad and the Queen – The Good The Bad and the Queen
Help Wanted: Nights – The Good Life
Places – Georgie James
Infinity on High – Fall Out Boy
Wincing the Night Away – The Shins
New Moon – Elliot Smith
Deliver Us – Darkest Hour
Ben Lee Sings Againt Me!’s New Wave – Ben Lee
New Wave – Against Me
New Maps of Hell – Bad Religion
MMFOOD – MF DOOM (reissue)
Reflector – Antelope
None Shall Pass – Aesop Rock
Neon Bible – Arcade Fire
s/t – Barkitecture
Red Album – Baroness
Trees outside the academy – thurston (moore)
Andrew Jackson Jihad/Ghost Mice – Split
Grand Ledge – Paul Baribeau
The Shephards Dog – Iron and Wine
Made of Bricks – Kate Nash
In Rainbows – Radiohead
Sweep the Leg – Hangar 18
Addicted to Bad Ideas – World/Inferno Friendship Society
The Inevitable Rise and Liberation of Niggy Tardust – Saul Williams
Bitter River – Pygmy Lush
Lies and Rhetoric – Statehood
We are the Pipettes – The Pipettes
The Bridge – The Chosen Few
Magic – Bruce Springsteen
Year Zero, Remixed – Nine Inch Nails

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