The Week in RAWK

So this week there will be no review. Sorry. Been really busy and haven’t really focused on any one album to listen to. But I will give you some musings.

First,Pitchfork becomes more legitimized by the indie rock gods. First Sonic Youth gives them their wet dream and now All Tommorows Parties. Why is it that the single worst music journalists get love from respectable people. I mean Pitchfork gave a Sonic Youth record a zero and single handedly ruined Travis Morrison’s solo career because they are a bunch of fucking babies with bad taste. And yes, I do still read the site. But I fucking hate myself for it.

This shit is old news but hot. Ted Leo is awesome and he pretty much needs to ditch the Pharmacists and just play solo. So much better in my opinion.

Which brings me to this. I am totally into Kelly Clarkson, no joke and this video is awesome. Her song “Sober” is pretty much my most listened to song of the year so far. Why I love pop divas, I can’t tell you, but I do. Still not dropping 50 bucks to see her though.

Other stuff I have been listening to this week includes “Simmer Down” by the Mighty Might Bostones, some Bloc Party who have a new single comming out, the new Good Life album is in the running for one of my top five records spots (I have one left and it’s a tough competition where I had some albums bumped out by four unexpected purchases this year) and I hope to have that shit hooked up. And if yr into harmonies please check out Georgie James, they are some butter on there.

Tonight you need to go to St. Stephens Church in DC to see Defiance:Ohio, The Max Levine Ensemble and The Andulusians featuring Beaty Pill Bass Player Basla Andulsan. Starts at 7pm. 5 Bucks. You can’t miss this shit.

Stuff I am looking forward to
New Hangar 18 album, Paint It Black new CD in the 2008 (being mixed by Octopus from Dalek), a new John Frusciante album.

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