A New Begining

Hello, Welcome to Franconia Station, yet another music blog by a music fan. I am from Washington DC, grew up on DC Punk and Pop, have recently gotten into a lot of Hip Hop and consume music pretty heavily. I have written for some on-line sites (Popmatters, Superpunk) and had another blog I tired to turn into a music blog. However that kinda was a drag and didn’t work the way I wanted it to. Basically I didn’t have any deadlines and it was infrequent at best and terrible at worst.

But I like writing about music. I’m not the greatest writer, not even sure if I write about music all that well, but never the less, like most shitheads into music the way I am into music, I like to talk about music. My girlfriend pretty much doesn’t want to hear about it, and I only have one person at work to talk about it every so often so I turn again to the vast empty space of the internet to blabber on and on about music.

My main goal here is to have a post a week about an album. I buy close to an album a week (though this year has been slow) so I think I should be able to remain topical. I admit I am kind of behind the curve on some things, and am skeptical of others. There are bands too that I know I should be into (Les Savy Fav for instance) that I just haven’t heard yet. So I am going to hope that when people find this blog they leave comments that get me hyped on new stuff. I am not however interested in negativity and such comments will be deleted (when I get the energy to delete them).

So 2007 is almost over, but I am going to try and pick up some albums that have come out recently that I am into and hopefuly with what is left comming out this year I should easily be able to update once a week. There are some albums I really want to write about like Aesop Rock’s None Shall Pass and might even do some comparisons to the Bright Eyes Cassadaga because I think both Conor and Aesop are in similar points in their careers and both these albums are very interesting directions for these people. We shall see.

So anyway, hope people find this site. I’ll probably try to put some effort, make it all snazy like the kids are doing these days, you know get some adds and links to other music blogs, all that crazy shit. Plus links to MP3’s and all that crap.

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